Weather Guard 96141-3-01 Heavy-Gauge Steel White Window Bulkhead, Mid/High-Roof, RAM Pro Master

Weather Guard 96141-3-01 Heavy-Gauge Steel White Window Bulkhead, Mid/High-Roof, RAM Pro Master

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Bulkheads separate the driver compartment from the cargo area for maximum protection against shifting or moving cargo. Designed for both low-roof and high-roof RAM ProMaster vans, the Model 96141-3-01 the Model 96121-3-01 window bulkhead fits close to van interior and polycarbonate widows provide a quieter, more comfortable ride with improved visibility to the cargo area. Center section can be converted to a swinging door. Large area with pre-punched mounting holes makes it easy to mount accessories. Compliant to FMVSS safety standards for cargo vans.

Weather Guard 96141-3-01 Features:

• Heavy gauge steel is used for strength and durability
• Improved impact resistance protects you from loose object in the cargo area
• Brite White ARMOR-TUF® Powder Coat finish
• Easy installation with sidewall and roof mounting brackets and pre-punched mounting holes for WEATHER GUARD® accessories
• New vertical panel design reduces ambient noise levels
• Exclusive 9 in x 12 in Dog Hatch™ Door allows easy loading of long materials by utilizing the floor space in front of the bulkhead
• Provides improved heating and cooling efficiency in the passenger area, reduces noise levels as well
• Polycarbonate Windows on all bulkheads allow for improved visibility
• Optional Hinge Kit converts bulkhead to swing door version

Weather Guard 96141-3-01 Specifications:

Feature Size / Details
Style High Bulkhead
Color White
Approx. Product Height 71-1/4in
Approx. Product Width 65-5/8in
Approx. Product Depth 4in
Material Steel
Bulk Head Type Window
Powder Coat Finish Yes
Approx. Shipping Weight Lbs. 108
Approx. Cu. Ft. Per Unit 10.5
Roof Height High Yes
Roof Height Low Yes
Vehicle Type, Full Yes
Wheel Base Extended Yes
Wheel Base Long Yes
Wheel Base Regular Yes
Wheel Base Short Yes
Wheel Base Standard Yes
RAM ProMaster Yes